• Glass and Gemstone

    naturally warm and grounding

  • Meticulously Crocheted

    easy to wear

  • Timeless Beauty

    delicate and durable

  • Minimalist

    boho chic

effortless, everyday jewelry

TrueJune's store!

  • Mist Moon by truejune.com

    Moon Series necklaces

    My moon necklaces are versatile necklaces that can be worn wrapped multiple ways.

  • Itty Bitty vermeil circle pendant on brown and gold strand

    Itty Bitty necklaces

    Strands crocheted with the tiniest of beads. Pendants are interchangeable.

  • amethyst, aquamarine, peridot, and pink tourmaline

    Custom necklaces

    You can choose your own stones to create a personalized, custom gemstone necklace.

  • Warm Silver triple-wrap crocheted bracelet by truejune.com


    Crocheted bracelets are light and durable on your wrist. They can withstand water, sweat, and chlorine so there's no need to remove on a daily basis!

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